Don’t Let an All-Nighter Lead to Bad Skin

We’ve all been there. It’s late, you’re exhausted, you’ve likely had more than a few drinks, and the last thing you want to do is remove your makeup and apply skincare. But, you HAVE to. No excuses, unless you’ve been partying all night in Tel Aviv and Israeli airport security takes away your skincare and you arrive in Athens looking super goth…but that’s another story. Anyway, if you remove your makeup, you can show up to brunch or work or even the coffee shop NOT looking as bad you feel. Promise.

Granted, I have a whole routine for removing super heavy makeup, but when you need to remove quickly and pass out, here’s what I recommend (pro tip: leave products on bathroom counter before heading out):

  1. Remove your eye makeup.
    GG Loves: Eye Makeup Remover
  2. Remove the rest of your makeup.
    GG Loves: Micellar Cleansing Water
  3. Ensure all makeup is gone.
    GG Loves: Makeup Remover Wipes

You may need to do each step twice, and if you still have traces of eye makeup, it’s OK to use #2 and #3 on your eyes. Even you don’t do each step twice, you’re still better off than where you were. Throw on any evening moisturizer or serum in your arsenal and get to bed. You should probably take some naproxen and drink water/coconut water, too, but that might be pushing it (pro tip: leave those on your nightstand before going out too).

If you can make it through a shower in the morning, try the below two products on your skin, follow with your morning routine, and no one but you will know you’re a party girl.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliant

Leave the cleanser on for ½ of your shower and scrub on for ½ of your shower, and glowing skin will follow.

With a little planning and the right products, the only regret you’ll have is your 3 a.m. text messages, and not your skin.